Gli Chef di CUCINA LdM


Aldo Ventre is chef and owner of Pane & Olio, where he presents his clear and linear culinary philosophy, composed of a few coherent concepts that provide the basis to his delicious creations. His unbridled passion for all things culinary encouraged him to study the chemical and nutritional elements and under workings of an array of ingredients and food combinations.

This has allowed him to acquire deeper knowledge of the raw materials used to create his innovative dishes. Ventre combines ingredients to emphasize a certain culinary concept and enhance taste and lightness on the palate, always keeping in mind each dish’s affinity to wine.


Domenico di Clemente, Executive Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, is specialized in creating innovative desserts and chocolate making. He boasts over a decade of experience internationally, working mainly at Four Seasons Hotels, mostly in the United States and England. Before joining the culinary team at the Four Seasons, he worked at prestigious pastry shops in Canada and Italy. In 2014, the well-known Italian restaurant guide, Guida l’Espresso, nominated him “Pastry Chef of the year”.


Giovanna Iorio and Maria Theresa Brancaccio work elbow-to-elbow in the kitchen of the Alle Murate restaurant in Florence. Their synergy is based on few – yet very effective – concepts: the careful selection of raw materials; the nurturing of a direct relationship with food producers; and the seasonality of foods and ingredients. What is the perfect cheese to eat, say, in the spring? Which vegetables are at their highest nutritional value and tastiness in the fall?  These are some of the questions that Giovanna and Maria Theresa ask themselves when preparing the menu of the day, to ensure each client get optimal taste and seasonality in their dishes. The result is similar to the delicious home cooking one would get a family dinner among loved ones.