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CUCINA Lorenzo de’ Medici

With the Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici, the new cooking school at the Central Market in Florence, LdM has decided to offer a new experience to all those who love food and its preparation. Through Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici food lovers will have the rare opportunity to participate in cooking courses held the unique backdrop of the Central Market – the beating heart of the San Lorenzo area – and in direct contact with the market’s food producers and vendors, the so-called “Artisans of Taste.”

The market producers and the ingredients they sell are the central figures of the courses offered at CUCINA Lorenzo de’ Medici: participants will become part of the hustle and bustle of market life at the Central Market, discovering food quality standards and how to understand the healthiest, most authentic and highest quality products. In addition to the practical aspect of cooking and food preparation, during the courses teacher-chefs will transmit their passion for food, the absolute importance of top-quality ingredients and their nutritional values and how the recipes prepared ultimately influence both physical and mental wellbeing.


The cornerstone of the entire educational offering of CUCINA Lorenzo de’ Medici is that of transmitting a specific way of life, the Italian way of life, which is based on a deep nutritional and culinary awareness of food. Participants will learn how to appreciate and enjoy the recipes prepared in class; the nutritional properties and effects on human metabolism of the foods prepared; as well as discover the cultivation and production methods and history of the ingredients and products used to prepare recipes in class.


Throughout the courses, participants will acquire technical knowledge and manual skills in the kitchen but they will also learn the importance of human relationships. Courses begin with a unique didactic experience: a walk through the Central Market, where class participants will enter into direct contact with the ingredients and the Artisans of Taste, who will teach participants how to

effectively do the grocery shopping and recognize the best quality ingredients through smell, sight, and taste. This unique experience will allow producers and consumers to interact first-hand and establish constructive relationships while exploring the traditions and history of Italian and regional products and cuisines.

Entering the Cucina Lorenzo de ‘ Medici is not just about learning how to “create” a recipe, but mostly about acquiring the “knowledge” of that recipe and learning more about the Mediterranean culture to which Italian cuisine belongs, and the wealth of culinary knowledge and preparation styles that have been handed down from generation to generation.


For over 40 years, the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute (LdM) has worked to promote Italian culture throughout the world. Among the first schools in Florence, Italy to offer Italian language and culture courses, LdM has experimented with an academic method which unites language, arte and cuisine, giving students the possibility to discover in a more immediate and unforgettable way, the essence of Italian culture and the country’s vast and varied culinary heritage.


LdM has expanded its academic offering since its establishment in 1973, today offering more than 500 courses in 38 thematic areas. Each year LdM welcomes more than 3000 students from all four corners of the globe in its 14 campus buildings located in the historic centre of Florence, Italy.